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Mileage Anxiety and What To do about it

Having a quick scan through the settings on my Volvo V40 the other day the odometer confirmed what I’d been thinking for a while – I was going over my contracted mileage. 

So before arranging to use my mother in laws Dacia Duster, nipped to Halfords for a pedal bike or decided to use Facetime for my meetings it’s always worth exploring amending the original contract. 

Did you know most Contract Hire companies will allow you to alter the deal if the use of the vehicle changes? Just ask your broker for some advice of how best to go about this. 

Excess mileage isn’t there to ‘sting’ you, we’d all rather you got the contract right and the car went back with the approximate agreed mileage.

At an average of say 10p/mile you’re at £100 for 1000 miles so if that family trip to France comes in adding 2000 miles to your budgeted mileage it’s £200 to account for. The same if your job role evolves to more travelling or if its a company car you assign the vehicle to another driver. 

Remember if you are running your cars for business then generally a few more miles should result in more business….. and if you took the contract out to hit a ‘budget’ lets have a reality check and pay a little more to avoid the inevitable bill that’s coming down the line.

Our customers get at least a 12-month customer service call to ensure they are running to the correct mileage. If you would like to deal with a firm that does more than just take your order then forget about you give our team a call. 01706 577040 during office hours. or enquiries@anthonyk.co.uk Whatsapp me on 07968 970704 anytime

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25th of October 2019

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