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Taking Delivery Of Your New Car in Lockdown

One of the computer games I ever played was 'Paper Boy' on my friends Commodore 64 towards the end of the 1980s. The aim was to cycle down a suburban road and 'lob' newspapers in to as many local houses as possible. Points were earned for accuracy, the doormat was good, the road wasn't. 

We're sure by now you are used to your pizza being left on the doormat with a chap in mask pointing at it then running off down the drive in trail of blue smoke. Your parcel being chucked in a hedge as you hear the rumble of a hire van racing off down the street. 

I can certainly empathise with anyone who took delivery of white goods recently. Taking a socially distant delivery of a new fridge-freezer, fully boxed and placed on my decking for me to manoeuvre in to the kitchen alone. It was a good job I was furloughed at home to learn how to install an integrated Samsung! 

All these experiences that just 6 months would have resulted in a couple of starts being removed marked on our feedback forms to the company or vendor involved. 

I need to warn you in advance that taking delivery of your new car or van is very likely going to be a watered down experience also. Perhaps permanently. 

We've seen some novel developments. From posing with the car for a photo as proof of delivery to leaving the car on the drive for a few days before attempting its first drive around the block. In some ways operating in COVID conditions has simplified the process. 

Customers were often expecting the red carpet treatment and unfortunately what we embarassingly called 'the key lob' was about as much as logistics, budgets and experience of the staff could muster. Most clients not only understand the changes but equally would not like the full traditional handover of yesteryear. 

 What you can expect: 

•The driver will call you on approach 

•Key and other important will be left in an envelope in the vehicle - you should sanitise/wipe these immediately. 

•Any contact with the agent should follow social distancing rules, these include discussions and inspections around vehicle condition. 

•Certainly no tour of the controls, help connecting your Bluetooth or how the handbrake works 

•If e-signature is required it will be done safely and deemed to be legally binding

The good news:

 For the time being at least you won't have the awkward conversation about running the delivery driver to the local train station so he or she can get home in time for dinner. In some respects the situation has brought clarity to a fairly inconsistent process which I think, long term will benefit everyone involved. 

We will do our best to communicate with you prior to delivery the specific processes in place for that particular leasing company, supplier and logistics agents and appreciate you taking your part in the process as safely and diligently as possible. 

If you have any concerns regarding the process feel free to get in touch In plenty of time prior to your delivery.

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6th of July 2020

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